Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Innovative designs and cutting-edge technology help deliver custom, integrative solutions that keep your company safe.

Properly designed fire sprinkler systems save lives and protect property. Our professionals are experts in computer-aided design programs that optimize your building safety with cohesive and integrative sprinkler systems. Whether you need to design a new system or add on to an existing one, United Piping’s experienced designers have the tools and the insight you need to protect your business, boasting decades of experience using the latest technology to create comprehensive, cost-effective plans that meet all codes and regulations.

All fire sprinkler systems work in essentially the same way. A series of pipes either behind the walls or within the ceilings are connected to sprinkler heads placed strategically throughout your property. When sensors in the sprinkler heads detect a rise in air temperature, pressurized water moves through these pipes to specific sprinkler heads in the area of the heat. The water is released through the sprinkler heads in the immediate vicinity to douse flames within seconds of detection, quickly mitigating the spread of the fire and minimizing further damage.


Sprinkler systems vary slightly in design. The four most common types of sprinkler systems are:

  • Wet pipe. Wet pipe systems are low-maintenance systems suitable for most buildings. They are the most commonly installed system and provided a standard level of protection. In a wet pipe system, water is stored in the pipes to pre-charge them and facilitate rapid fire response. Fire sprinkler heads open in response to heat and water is instantly discharged.

  • Dry pipe. For warehouses or other buildings without temperature control, dry pipe systems are a good solution. Water is not stored in the pipes, avoiding the risk of pipes freezing and bursting. Instead, the pipes are pressurized with air. This air is released when sprinkler heads open, and a valve opens to allow water to flow out of the sprinkler head.

  • Deluge. Deluge systems—which are triggered by smoke and heat detectors—are ideal for businesses with highly combustible materials, such as oil refineries and chemical plants. Open fire sprinkler heads are attached to a piping system connected to a water supply valve. When smoke or fire is detected, the valve opens and sends water through all pipes and sprinkler heads simultaneously.

  • Pre-action. Pre-action sprinklers—essentially combination of deluge and wet pipe systems—are recommended for buildings that house valuable or expensive equipment or property that could be damaged by accidental sprinkler triggers. Instead of being stored in the pipes, water only travels through them in the event of a fire

Not only should your fire sprinkler system give you peace of mind, but you should be confident it will last the life of your business. At United Piping, Inc., our parts are sourced from manufacturers with impeccable reputations that you can trust, and our pipe fitting technicians have more than 30 years of experience in system installation. We work together with property owners, construction contractors, and architects to design fully integrated sprinkler systems that function seamlessly, without sacrificing aesthetics, safety, or operational efficiency.


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