Fire Sprinkler System Inspections

Our certified inspectors make sure your system stays up to code and ready to protect 24/7, for the life of your business and beyond.

Sprinkler systems that are routinely inspected and maintained can remain current and in optimal condition for decades, even with constantly changing safety regulations. Inspections evaluate the efficacy and strength of water flow in your sprinkler system as well as the function of all components, ensuring it is always ready to respond within seconds in the event of a fire. As stated in NFPA 25, inspections are not intended to verify the design of the system, but only that the components of the system are in working order.

Our inspectors are trained and certified to assess sprinkler systems in compliance with code requirements and standards set by the NFPA 25 and by local authorities. Thorough test, inspection, and maintenance programs and in-depth confidence testing ensure your system remains functional and compliant. Our comprehensive multi-point inspections comply with all 25 requirements from the NFPA 25.

Certified inspectors will:

  • Conduct a functional test of all systems
  • Perform a visual inspection and testing of unique system components
  • Ensure system is free of visible or physical damage and appears to be in optimal operating condition
  • Provide required maintenance as soon as possible to repair any damage and avoid faulty operation
  • Test fire pump performance and checking for leaks or damage
  • Lubricate bearings, bushings, shafts, couplers, and other components
  • Measure water flow from pump and sprinklers
  • Conduct trip tests of the deluge, dry pipe, and pre-actions sprinkler systems
  • Test fire alarms and sprinkler activation
  • Check static and residual pressure
  • Test the main drain

Based upon your system needs, inspections are conducted monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, as well as at 5- and 10- year increments. All inspection results are logged and maintained with United Piping, Inc., for historical record and quality control. Inspection reports and documentation comply with all NFPA and regulatory standards, providing device-level detail of every system component and full code explanations for discrepancies. They also include appropriate, affordable recommendations for remedying any issues.

United Piping, Inc., provides maintenance continuity with annual visits, quarterly flow tests, and other valuable preventative services. We know businesses are busy, so our inspection contracts are designed with you in mind. Cost-effective and convenient, they provide a seamless way to plan inspections and keep your sprinkler system operating without interrupting regular operations. They also ensure scheduling an inspection doesn’t fall by the wayside, keeping your system up to code at all times.

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